It happened last night….I went to turn my laptop on but it just gave me the “spinning wheel of death” as I affectionately call it.  The computer was just thinking and thinking and thinking, and the wheel was turning and turning and turning.  Then it even flashed from yellow to blue and back again (all while giving me the spinning wheel of death).  Slightly frustrated and afraid, I closed it and went to dinner.  I again around 7pm,  but it was still the same.  I couldn’t even log in to see what was wrong.  I took it to my techie neighbor and he couldn’t even revive it.  It was official – my laptop crashed.


oldlaptopI should have known to expect it.  I had put duct tape on the side of it months ago because it was creaking and cracking every time I opened it up.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved that old laptop.  It had gotten me through several years of selling homes, keeping up with reports, watching Youtube videos, projects with the kids.  It was a good machine, and it served me well.



When the laptop died, I wasn’t really worried.  Even though it was about 8pm, mylaptopwe headed out to Fry’s Electronics.  We ran into a great guy there who helped me out.  We found a new sleek computer – and it’s REALLY FAST.  I got one witha Quad-processor, HDMI capabilities, and Windows 8 (I have the ability to get Windows 10 but I don’t want to do that just yet since it was just released).  I even got a cute new wireless mouse that looks like an owl! (see photo below)

new mouse

We got home around 9pm and plugged in the new computer.  After it got charged up, I loaded my new Microsoft Office 2013 (which was an upgrade from the old Microsoft 2007 I was using before), loaded my Dropbox and then I was all set.  All of my files are there….right where I left them in the cloud.  All of my emails loaded right into my Outlook, and every client contract and file were right there where I needed them to be.

It took me about 30-minutes to set up my new laptop and I have everything that I need – and everything that I had before – all installed and ready to go.  


If you are not using the cloud yet, I highly-recommend it.  I didn’t really have any down time at all.




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