Google Doodle inspiration – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder – the Pioneer Girl

As a young girl, I remember watching Little House on the Prairie on TV.  I always like the way that Melissa Gilbert’s braids were done so nice and neat as she portrayed Laura Ingalls as a young girl.  I thought she had a fierce desire to do what was right – no matter if it wasn’t popular with others – she wanted to do the right thing.  I never really read the books.  I was aware of them, but was so enthralled with the TV show that I didn’t bother to read the books (or maybe it was that I was so busy with other activities such as soccer, softball, dance, band, etc that I just never took the time to read them.

Today as I opening my computer, the Google Doodle was a tribute to Laura Ingalls Wilder on what would have been her 148th birthday.  Of course even though it was a cartoon style drawing, I knew immediately that it was about that Little House.  Now, as an adult I find myself wondering about Laura Ingalls and where she came from, and what inspired her to write those books that touched so many over the years.  So…I followed Google down the rabbit trail.

Things I learned today:
– Laura Ingalls was born February 7, 1867 – she died in her sleep 3 days after her 90th birthday (1957)
– She was only 16 when she took her first teaching job (which she didn’t like)
– Her daughter, Rose, had connections in the publishing industry and helped make the books a success
– Laura also wrote an auto-biography in 1930 that was never published…until November 2014.
– The first printing of her auto-biography “Pioneer Girl” sold out in just a few weeks.


Maybe I will track down a copy of “Pioneer Girl” and learn a bit more.  Thanks Google Doodle for the inspiration.

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