Million Dollar Question – How is the Market?

As a Realtor, you get this question all the time…

                                                         “You are a Realtor.  How is the market?”

That is the million dollar question….does anyone really have a crystal ball to predict how the market will go?  Unfortunately, No.  That’s why sometimes agents have a generic response.  “It’s great!”  “It’s busy.”  “It’s incredible.”  “It’s unbelievable.”

When I teach the MLS classes to new agents, I show them how they can use the MLS data to have a much more meaningful response by actually knowing what the market is doing in their area.  Those responses might be “it’s great, we listed 5 new homes in my area yesterday.”  I think this gives a bit more meaning to the response and puts that Realtor above the rest as they show that they really do know their market.


Another good option for Realtors is to read articles published by our local or state board of Realtors, or from the National Association of Realtors.  The info-grahic below came from the National Association of Realtors and I think it provides some good insight to how things are looking as we move into 2015.


From the info-graphic, the market looks great!  Across the country, home values are up and home sales are up – however there are still a few things that are keeping some people from buying a home.

As we look toward 2015, and home buyers and sellers ask the million dollar question – I hope that agents will educate themselves about their specific market, and use that market experience, to help consumers buy and sell more homes, regardless of what the market is doing!


Happy House Hunting!!!


Source:  National Assocation of Realtors$wuOsT&om_ntype=NARWeekly


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